Saji Prelis, Director for Chrildren & Youth programmes at Search For Common Ground(SFCG)

¨Since the successful passing of UN Resolution 2250, the peacemaker 360 campaign has actively connected young peacebuilders around the world and created a dynamic online platform for them to inspire each other and learn from each other´s experiences. As long as young people’s peacebuilding efforts continue be recognized as critical for preventing violence and sustaining peace, their efforts are supported through policies and practice, and their efforts are amplified online and in their communities, I am confident that together we can make significant strides in Transforming conflicts around the world. Congratulations to the Peacemaker 360 team for this timely and important campaign.¨

Sandra Lilliam Johansson, PhD student at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia; teacher of Peace and Conflict Studies at Universidad EAFIT, Medellín, Colombia

For the last two years, the Peacemaker 360 Campaign has been connecting young peacebuilders from all over the world via the internet so they can learn from each other, as well as motivate each other to keep going with their peacebuilding projects. It is a breath of fresh air to see what young people all over are doing to invest in the future of their communities, for a more peaceful and sane world, at the local level as well as the global. It is so important to highlight their work, not only to continue to inspire them, but also to inspire new peacebuilders. Go Peacemaker 360!!!

Peace activist, Nigeria

Daniel Nwaeze, Founder of DiplomacyOpportunities

Young people are at the heart of peace building as we are, this implies the bridge between the out going and the incoming generation. While we can also be used as perpetrators, the fact remains that we are more of solution providers and have platforms we reach out, engage and impact which are invaluable to us. The peace 360 campaign platform is one and I’m proud more than ever to have shared my stories with the many peace builders around the world.

Carine Umutoniwase, Founder of Footprints4Change

Peacemaker 360 has for the last two years managed to share the stories of young peace builders across the world from Africa to the Middle-East. The stories shared have not only highlighted the similar dynamics that peace builders face across the globe but they have been able to inspire more youth peace building action through the resulting networks formed. This is a great contribution to the importance of the landmark UNSC resolution 2250. Thank you Peacemaker 360 for telling our successes and struggles enabling us to learn from each other as we seek to build sustainable societies for our people.

Yvonne Rowa, PhD student in Politics and International Studies at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

The Peacemaker 360 campaign has been instrumental in raising the profiles of peacebuilding practitioners around the world. In so doing, it acknowledges the pivotal role played by oft-invisible actors, making significant strides in conflict transformation and at the same time grappling with a host of challenges. Over the last couple of years, the platform has gradually evolved into a hub that has strengthened the linkages between peace actors through storytelling. In highlighting the realities of peacebuilding, the campaign has played a transformative role of inspiring learning and intensifying grassroots peacebuilding efforts. Indeed, these humble initiatives have had far-reaching impacts in complementing macro-level efforts within the framework of UN Resolution 2250 and other related instruments. Peacemaker 360 is indeed inspirational to many a peacebuilders.