I was captured and forced to join the armed conflict as a child: Meet

Could you describe the first moment when you realized you wanted to do this work?

It all began at a time when I was captured and forced to join the armed conflict as a child and managed to escape through God’s grace and committed to serve humanity helping to make it better by advocating for better policies and safer communities.

Could take us through a day of your work? Where do you put most of your time and energy?

My typical day always starts with a hot head thinking of ways through which I can better be of service to my people, the youth and especially those living under inhuman conditions within underserved communities in a 21st Century. Always thinking of ways through which I can make a difference in someone’s life either through some sorts of motivation, encouragement or social, financial, physical or technical support as the need require.

What are your key achievements in your work?

Sincerely I am yet to recognize my key achievements in my work despite the fact that over the years I have contributed immensely towards conceptualizing and facilitation of youth leadership development, peace-building, entrepreneurship and employment creation projects for several youth-led, academia, civil society, governments and non-governmental organizations in post-conflict and developing countries. All with a passion to lend pragmatic and nifty development solutions to complex human challenges.

How does your organization promote inclusive participation of youth from diverse backgrounds?

Young Peace Builders (YPB) is an organization that strongly believes in mutual respect for all regardless of race, origin, tribe, religious or political affiliations. We are committed to building a sustainable world in which Peace, Justice, Solidarity, Human Dignity, Sustainable development and respect for human rights prevails.

What has been your hardest struggle so far, and how did you get over it?

Battling with the mind and the struggle of not being able to forgive myself for not being able to help or reach the many youth and young women out there needing my support.

What is the biggest challenge you currently face?

As an organization, one of our biggest challenges is institutional support which we have been yearning, hoping and looking out for but it has not been forth coming and that sometimes hinders our programs having to struggle to find funding for our programs.

What has been your biggest surprise on this journey so far?

Sometimes as young people, it may seem as though our efforts go unnoticed but one of my biggest surprise has been to realize that we are recognized but we don’t realize until you’re commended for what we’re doing create safer communities.

What keeps you going and give you inspiration in your work? What gives you hope?

The passion for humanity, the smiles of the poor and needy, the joy of the young girls discovering their true self, the celebration of a young man expressing his gratitude for our impact in their lives and the conviction that we can make a difference if we try.

If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?

I’d take a cue from one of the world’s most famous peace activist’s quote; the best way to find yourself is to get lost in the service of others. Besides, if you think small things cannot make a difference, take a trip down Africa and try sleeping in a room filled with mosquitoes.

What words of encouragement would you give to women, children, minorities, and other dis-empowered groups when they are facing rejection because of the prevailing cultural norm?

Never give up on humanity, things may not be favorable today, life may seem useless and unfair but if you can just take a moment, look in the inside of you, find a reason to love, care and support each other again, we can make this world a better place, we all have equal responsibilities regardless of our status to protect our common humanity and we must all seek to do good at every point in time in our lives. We can definitely make a difference if we try as little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.

How can people interested to connect you reach you?( email, blog, website, linkedIn etc). 


Young Peace Builders (YPB) 

http://www.facebook.com/youngpeacebuilders.org   /

Email: ypbsl1@gmail.com / ypbuilders@gmail.com   /  herbert.bangura@gmail.com

Phone: +232 88 40 11 55

+232 79 33 55 11

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