About Us

Our story

Started in 2016 , the Peacemaker 360 campaign was founded by Christian Cirhigiri, a peace activist from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The idea emerged from his Master’s thesis research where he investigated the roles played by young activists in eastern Congo, Burundi and Sri Lanka in promoting ethnic reconciliation in their communities. One of the key findings of Christian’s research was the lack of visibility in both mainstream and social media of the incredible works done by these youth and their life stories. 

So Christian thought of committing to telling these stories with the goal of creating a global community of peace activists that learn from each other’s experiences and encourage each other in their noble causes. And that was the beginning of the Peacemaker 360 Campaign. We profile and share peace activists’ stories with three specific goals: inspire, connect, and amplify global peace activism efforts. Support our cause by connecting us with activists in your community or by donating any amount towards our upcoming project. To learn more about the campaign write to christian@peacemaker360.com or visit our Facebook page.